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Interstate 5 Los Angeles Traffic

i-5 Los Angeles Traffic ...

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Interstate 5 North Metro Los Angeles Traffic Map

Interstate 5 South Metro Los Angeles Traffic Map


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About the i-5 in Los Angeles ...

The Interstate 5 in Los Angeles, abbreviated "i-5 Los Angeles", is the major north-south interstate highway route across the greater metro Los Angeles area. By sheer numbers, the i-5 in Los Angeles is among the busiest sections of highways/freeways in the world.

Sections of the i-5 in Los Angeles are also called/known as; the Golden State Highway, the San Diego Freeway, and the Santa Ana Freeway, depending on the section ... and because of the extreme traffic congestion that occasionally occurs on the Freeway, local reporters sometimes refer this section of the 5 as "the world's largest parking lot".

Traveling north from Los Angeles, the i-5 is the main highway route north to the Sacramento and Bay Area's. Traveling north from LA along the i-5, Sacramento is located 386 miles to the north... estimated driving time from LA to Sacramento along the i-5 is 5 hrs. and 26 minutes.

Traveling north from LA along the i-5 and turning left on i-580, and left again on i-80, San Francisco is located 383 miles to the north... estimated driving time from LA to San Francisco along the i-5/i-580/i-80 is 5 hrs. and 27 minutes.

Driving south from Los Angeles, the city of San Diego is located approx. 121 miles to the south... the estimated driving time from Los Angeles to San Diego along the i-5 is approx. 1 hr. & 45 minutes, however, if traffic on the 5 is heavily congested between LA and San Diego, add considerable time to your travel schedule.

The maps above shows the i-5 in the Los Angeles area (highlighted in pink) where it travels through the metro Los Angeles area.

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